Middle School Devotion Week 4- Monday

Another thing I forgot to mention, is that I cannot take credit for all of these.  Various middle school leaders will be writing these throughout the weeks.  This week Amanda Setser is the author, so next time you see her be sure to tell her she has done a swell job.

Worship Is…

Week 4


Read: John 4:1-10

Jesus was a Jew in the first century (and now it’s the 21st century….) and the Jews of his day were not friends with the Samaritans. Samaritans had Jewish roots, but they chose to marry non-Jewish people and worship other gods. The Jews hated them so much that it was normal for the Jews and Samaritans not to even speak to one another. But here we have Jesus, a guy didn’t let any of that stand in the way of showing God’s love.

Why do you think that Jesus chose to speak with her?

What do you notice about how he spoke with her? What kind of effect do you think he had on this woman?

There are always those that are looked down upon by most of the people around them. There are the weird kids at school who don’t have friends, the smelly old lady that lives next door, or the teacher that gets on everyone’s nerves. How can you reach out to them as Jesus would today?

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