Middle School Devotion Week 4- Saturday

Worship Is…

Week 4


Read: John 4:39-42

These people called Samaritans were separate from the Jews, God’s chosen people. (P.S. People that aren’t Jews, including you probably, are called ‘Gentiles.’) For a rerun of why the Samaritans were separate, look to Sunday’s devotional. Remember that the Jews think that Samaritans are scum. If you read vs. 27, you’ll see that even the disciples didn’t understand why Jesus would talk with such a woman. But, lucky for us, Jesus reaches out to everyone, not just the people in the ‘in crowd.’

What happened because this woman shared her story?

What was the woman’s testimony?

What’s your story, or testimony, with God and what he’s done with your life. (It often helps to write it down.)

How can you live out you testimony in your life? How can people know who Jesus is by what you say and do? Everything that you do today matters. Will your actions today just glorify yourself, or will they glorify God?

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