Middle School Devotion Week 4- Thursday

Worship Is…

Week 4


Read: John 4:19-26

This conversation keeps changing subjects, doesn’t it? The woman has asked what she can do to get the living water, and now she thinks that if she worships in the right place it will make things right. But is it about where you worship God—whether it’s at church or school or home or at Aunt Marmy’s house where 13 cats live?! No! It’s not about where you worship, but about worshiping in spirit and in truth.

Read the passage again. What do you think, according to these words that God expects from you?

Why is Jesus taking so much time to get through to this woman? Why does it matter so much?

How does what he says define what your relationship with God should be like?

Worship wherever you are today. Remember the things you are thankful for no matter where you are, and look for ways to tell others why you are thankful.

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