Middle School Devotion Week 4- Tuesday

Worship Is…

Week 4


Read: John 4:11-14

All that this woman expected was to get some water to take home. Instead, she meets Jesus, the God of the universe, face to face. She tries to answer his seemingly impossible claims about living water with practical reasoning, but is told about our wonderful savior instead. What a day it must have been for her!

Have you ever been going about your day and was hit unexpectedly with a truth about God? What did you learn?

Jesus could have come up to her and just told her that she needed to go to church and be saved. Rather, he takes something she uses everyday—getting water—and relates it back to himself. God loves to throw in the spiritual stuff with the practical stuff. How does Jesus’ answer show that he will meet more than her everyday needs?

What kind of thirst is Jesus talking about?

How is that thirst quenched?

It’s hard to remember sometimes that Jesus is the only one that can really satisfy the desires of our hearts. As you think about the things that your heart needs most today, pray that Jesus will fill you with his living water.

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