Lost: Week 1- Sunday




Read: Luke 15:1-2

Imagine people that you would never hang out with. Maybe these people were jerks to you, maybe they are a teacher’s pet, maybe you just don’t like their face.

Tax collectors in Jesus’ day were the worst. They often cheated people out of money and kept it for themselves. They would demand citizens to pay outstanding amounts of money and kick them out of their homes when they couldn’t pay.

But the Pharisees ran the church. They were respected and everyone obeyed the laws they put into place.

Why do you think that the Pharisees did not want to have compassion on these “sinners”?

Why do you think that Christ wanted to spend time with them?

As you go about your day, consider how you are treating people that you don’t have any reason to like. How would Jesus treat those people? What can you do to be more like him?

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