Lost: Week 1-Monday

Lost: Week 1- Monday

Read: Luke 15:3-4

Jesus begins to tell the people (tax collectors, sinners, Pharisees, and the teachers of the law) a parable. A parable is a short story that has a deeper meaning and teaches a lesson. Parables usually include things that we use in every day life and are relevant to the culture. So, this particular parable would have been relevant to the people and culture of Jesus’ time.

The parable talks about sheep, which would have been of great value to someone living back in the time of Jesus.

What would be something that would be of great value to you now?

When was a time that you searched high and low for something that you lost?

What was going through your mind as you searched for your lost item?

The person in the parable leaves his 99 sheep to go search for the one lost sheep.

What risk is the person taking, leaving his 99 sheep in the open country?

What does this tell you about the shepherd’s feeling for his sheep?

The shepherd in the parable can be compared to God and the sheep can be compared to you and me and people in general.

How do you feel knowing that God searches for His lost people?

Have you ever felt lost in any situation? Lost in understanding school? Lost in what to do with your friends? Lost with figuring out who you are as a person?

What are some other ares you could be lost in?

Give up your lost feelings to the Lord and know that He wants to find you and help you get through this life. Pray and ask God for help and for wisdom. He will help you.

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