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Eating Habits

So, after Trunk or Treat, all of those that stayed to the end of clean up went to IHOP (that’s the international house of pancakes…not prayer).  We ordered and got our food, and Pastor Dave also got his food.  Just by looking at what he got, I could tell it was crepes with hollandaise sauce on it.  Before even tasting it, he picks up the Old Fashioned syrup container (not to be confused with the butter pecan one, which looks very similar) and starts pouring it all over his crepes.  Many times crepes are served with something sweet so syrup is not out of the question, but with hollandaise sauce?  Then he proceeded to salt them.  I don’t care who you are, salt and syrup is delicious.  At this point I ask him what he is doing and what exactly he ordered.  He can’t remember, so we ask the waiter.  Dave got the Chicken Florentine Crepes.  Here is the description of them from the menu, “Chicken Breast strips sauteed with fresh spinach, mushrooms and onions in light seasoning.  Rolled inside two delicate crepes with swiss cheese and topped with rich hollandaise.”

Now if that doesn’t scream “pour syrup on me!”, I don’t know what does.  So I told the waiter that Dave had poured syrup on his dinner.  His response was, “WHAT?!?!?!” and his eyes bugged out so much I thought I was going to have to catch them and put them back into their sockets.  Then when he found out it was Dave he said, “Oh it’s a breakfast food, so you can pour syrup on it…plus he’s paying so I have to be nice.”

Dave then decides that regular syrup isn’t doing the trick, so he goes for the strawberry syrup.  At this point, our table had ridiculed him so much he decided to go to another table where he wouldn’t be oppressed for his eating habits.  But we snagged a picture (below) before he left us.


I think though that Dave was living out Psalm 63:5 “My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.”  We were praising God for a great Trunk or Treat night, and eating rich food.  Rich, hollandaised, old fashioned syruped, salted, strawberry syruped, food.  How sweet it was.




Who wants some syrupy goodness?

Who wants some syrupy goodness?


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