Monthly Archive for August, 2015

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 21: Attack of the Granola Moms

In this week’s wacky episode we discuss granola moms, Nature Valley, worldview, and who knows what else.  Thanks for listening! Leave us a review on iTunes!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 20: Straight outta Philadelphia

In this weeks rambunctious episode we discuss the demise of the human race by a hitchhiking robot, rappers, police, even more sequels, campers, hunters, and of course, Florida’s foibles.  Drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom.  Leave us a review on iTunes! Thanks for listening, share with all your friends!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 19: Movies 2- The Sequel!

In this week’s flashy episode we serve up why sequels aren’t as good as the first, talk about the movies that changed your life, and add a side of worldview.  Feel free to drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom. Leave us a rating and comment on iTunes if you love what you hear!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 18: Lions, Movies, and Bears. Oh my!

In this weeks spine-tingling episode we delve into the world of bear hunting, Gamescom, and movies that made a difference in your life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll hopefully learn something in the process.  Email us at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom and leave us some feedback on iTunes!