Monthly Archive for September, 2015

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 26: Hope on Pope

In this week’s pope-ular (get it?!?!?) episode, we discuss what’s going on in the world around us by looking at the papal visit, riding sea turtles (don’t do it!), relationships, and of course, Justin Bieber.  Give it a listen, then tell all your friends, srsly, every one of them. Or if you don’t like it, tell your enemies.  Drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom.  Thanks!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 25: Ghosting, Compromising, and Great Sleeping Bear

In this week’s hard hitting episode, we take a look at all the wonders of zombie dramas, ghosting, why we compromise, and why laughing at sleeping bears is better than poking it with a stick.  Thanks for listening! Drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom and leave us some love on iTunes (and by love we mean a great review)!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 24: Revenge of the iPad

In this week’s vengeful episode, we take a look at all things cool in the Apple world, try to figure out what women are thinking (with Bieber’s help), and talk revenge movies.  Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes, and drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom with any suggestions you have or topics you would like us to discuss.  Thanks!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 23: Brought to you by…

In this week’s ship-shape episode we explore the underbelly of product placement. Also we check-in with the listeners! Thanks for listening!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 22: Bear Gorillas in the War Room with a Gun

In this week’s adventurous episode we discuss the president (Kanye and Obama), Bieber’s WWJD bracelet, and discerning truth.  Thanks for listening! We’d love if you leave us some love on iTunes!