Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 35: One Campy Podcast

In this week’s un-air conditioned episode we are joined Ben Miller, the director of Camp Illiana.  We share old camp stories, discuss worldview, and look at why Chris probably shouldn’t be a camp counselor.  If you enjoy it please share and leave us a review! Also check out www.campillana.org to see what they are about and to donate for Giving Tuesday!

2 Responses to “Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 35: One Campy Podcast”

  • I listened to Ep. 35: One Campy Podcast in full. Thanks for having Ben and Amanda share about the ministry of Camp Illiana. I went to camp during my Jr. School and High school years, as well as served as a counselor a couple of years. I made my decision to go into the ministry and attended Ky. Christian University for four years and have served several non profits and churches in a ministry role. I am very proud of Ben and Amanda’s ministry. Thanks again for promoting the camp. In the world view, we need more places like Camp Illiana teaching our children Biblical values and Christian leadership.
    Proud of my son Ben,
    Larry Miller

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