Monthly Archive for June, 2017

Worldview Finder Ep. 105: Missions, Ft. Wayne, and high speed cow chases!

In this week’s off-site episode we take the show to Ft. Wayne, IN where we discuss some Netflix shows, sharing our faith, and why you should keep your cow on a leash.  Thanks to our special guests for joining us. Please subscribe, share, and tell all your friends!

Worldview Finder Ep. 104: Brand Loyalty and Video Games!

In this week’s electric episode, we discuss the Electronic Entertainment Expo, why we stick with brands we do, and why you shouldn’t have pet bats.  Tell all your friends! Join the convo on the Worldview Finder Facebook page, and leave us a review!

Worldview Finder Ep. 103: Will Aliens or Robots take over first?

In this week’s artificially intelligent episode, we discuss aliens, pies in the face, and robots taking over. Thanks for listening! Join our Facebook group to further the discussion! Tell all your friends!