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Worldview Finder Ep. 104: Brand Loyalty and Video Games!

In this week’s electric episode, we discuss the Electronic Entertainment Expo, why we stick with brands we do, and why you shouldn’t have pet bats.  Tell all your friends! Join the convo on the Worldview Finder Facebook page, and leave us a review!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 71: Candy, Apples, and a Hint of Magic

In this week’s hi-tech episode we discuss the new iPhone and PlayStation, help you to navigate the slippery slope of slogans, and of course, talk about the worldview of the media around us.  Thanks for listening!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 24: Revenge of the iPad

In this week’s vengeful episode, we take a look at all things cool in the Apple world, try to figure out what women are thinking (with Bieber’s help), and talk revenge movies.  Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes, and drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom with any suggestions you have or topics you would like us to discuss.  Thanks!