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Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 48: Oscars so what?

In this week’s award winning (not really!) episode, we discuss incompetent dads, best places to hunt snakes, and of course, the Oscars! Leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to the podcast! Please share with all your friends!

Show notes:

Florida’s Snake Problem: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/106-burmese-pythons-captured-in-florida-hunt/

Chris Rock’s opening Oscar speech (it’s Chris Rock, so watch with caution): http://oscar.go.com/video/oscar-highlights-2016/chris-rocks-opening-monologue-at-oscars-2016

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 47- Shark Selfies, Phone Addiction, and Loving Your Enemies

In this week’s addicting episode we talk about classic symptoms that you may be addicted to your phone (Chris is!), snapping some shark pics, the Risen movie, virtual reality, and the Queen Bee (that’s Beyoncé if you didn’t know).  Send us some love at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom. Below are the show notes of some of the things we talked about.

Show notes:

Shark selfies!



Are you addicted to your phone?


Great article about one man’s journey out of the binge watch abyss.

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 45: A Super Episode!

In this week’s super episode we talk about Super Bowl 50! Well, the ads and half-time show (we’re not really big football fans). Drop us a line at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom. Thanks for listening!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 44: It’s lonely at the top, but you wouldn’t have to wash your own car

In this week’s rule-breaking episode we discuss being the best, Kung Fu Panda 3, why music is so influential, and much more! Leave us a review! Send us an email! podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom Tell all your friends!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 42: Walmart, Man bun, and #OscarsSoWhite

In this week’s indelible ep. we talk about how not to get a job at Walmart, the importance of influence, and our take on the Oscar debacle. As always it’s funny (well we think so) and hopefully will make you think about how you view the world around you.  Thanks for listening!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 40: Arrows, feelings, and the Rotisserie Chicken.

In this week’s dizzying episode, we talk chicken, truth trumping feelings, and the filter we use to find out the worldview of things.  Join the conversation at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom.  Leave a review on iTunes!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 39: New years, a new hope, and nothing is really new

In this week’s new episode we discuss how to keep New Year’s resolutions, dads, how to handle critics, and more Star Wars! If there is a movie, show, or song you’d like us to discuss send us an email at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom.  Happy New Year!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 38: Star Wars and Christmas- the best things ever!

In this week’s force laden episode we delve into Star Wars.  If you don’t want spoilers, fast forward to the 30 minute mark because that’s when we start talking about Christmas! We discuss the worst toys and some favorite holiday traditions! Have a Merry Christmas from all of us here at Podcast Viewfinder!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 37: Trailers, Traditions, and don’t steal Santa’s cookies

In this week’s traditional episode we discuss super heroes being a little too super, why you shouldn’t play hide & seek in Floridian lakes, Christmas traditions around the world, and what could happen if you steal Santa’s cookies.  Tell us your favorite Christmas tradition at podcastviewfinderatgmaildotcom.  Thanks for listening!

Podcast Viewfinder Ep. 35: One Campy Podcast

In this week’s un-air conditioned episode we are joined Ben Miller, the director of Camp Illiana.  We share old camp stories, discuss worldview, and look at why Chris probably shouldn’t be a camp counselor.  If you enjoy it please share and leave us a review! Also check out www.campillana.org to see what they are about and to donate for Giving Tuesday!